About Us

Cash My Tek

At Cash My Tek, we are on a mission to save hundreds of millions of used tech devices and transform the buying and selling tech for the better. Sell, trade-in, your old tech gadgets, get better prices for your old devices, and save money, and time. Recycling old phones, tablets, or any tech gadget not only has a benefit for your wallet, but it also benefits the environment. The goal is to not only provide a fast and secure tech gadget selling process but to also keep harmful and toxic materials out of the environment by finding new homes for these devices.

Why Do We Do It?
Every year, an increasing number of smartphones are created to meet the frenetic demand. Do your part to protect the environment and recycle your old phones, tablets, and other tech gadgets – before eventually ending up in landfills. And every single one of those tech devices has taken precious earthly materials to create. We are here to make it pay to your old tech and reward people for reducing tech waste, and to save the planet earth for generations. To take the guesswork out of reselling used tech gadgets, and turn pre-loved in reloved.